Terms of use for membership on the Photo Club's website

Anyone can register on the home page with the username and email address. It then becomes a subscriber. A password will be sent to the specified email address.
Members should use their first name + space + initial (first letter of last name) as username.
First letter large, t ex Call K.
If all the information is filled in correctly and the membership fee is paid upgraded rating to Employees. You will see more menus and you can change your password to something easier to remember.
For us to keep high standards and credibility on the website so the person writing a post or active otherwise act in a personal capacity and not for commercial purposes. Several member profiles is not allowed.
It requires that the password meets certain requirements for obtaining good security. Use at least 8 characters, mixing Letters (Please large and small), numbers and other characters.

Stay on topic

Note that bild-/artikelkommentarer not for public discussion, it should be about the picture / article.

Language and personal attacks

Use a refined language. Angrepp the person, ethnicity, Politics and religion are of course not allowed.

Drive discussions forward

If you do not have anything constructive to say then say nothing. Creating posts for creativity's sake leads nowhere. Write creative messages that move the issue forward, instead of just saying the. Justify your opinions and think before.

Respect the opinions of others

Sometimes other members completely different opinions. Sometimes you have to respect the.

Be prepared to take criticism

If you upload a picture or writing a post, so you must be prepared to take criticism. Criticism can sting and you have to be prepared for it. But this is true only as long as the criticism following the rules. See the criticism in a positive way and use it constructively.

You are responsible for what you write / uploads

For functions where members self-publish text or images on the Website applies to each sender is responsible for the content. The material may not be offensive, constitute incitement to racial hatred, be racial, show punishable books, be pornographic to infringe on the copyrights of others or violate the Privacy.

Editors may delete posts and pictures without notice

Posts and pictures that do not follow our simple rules may be deleted. Members who break the rules can be barred.

Please let me know if you feel attacked, violated, etc.

If you believe that you have been wronged or attacked then hear from you directly, we will try to resolve it.

Publishing year

Publish time of text and images on this website are unlimited, unless otherwise agreed.

Copyright rules

Copyright texts and images are held by the respective photographer. The content and design may not be copied used, stored or transmitted in any form without permission.

Terms of images and comments

Giving criticism is an art, just giving positive criticism may not develop as much. It is equally important with negative and especially kontruktiv criticism. You have to have etiquette when writing. To upload images to criticism on the home may mean that you get negative criticism of images that can be difficult to take. But we do not accept the picture comments anytime, accepting rules.
You are solely responsible for the pictures you post here! You must have taken the picture you put up. Even if a friend gave you the right to post a picture, do not do it; You must have photographed himself.

Giving a comment

Consider the dimensions of the image theory as Composition, Originality, Aesthetics and Technology. Also use softer, personal things like generating the emotions and the like when you formulate your comment. Concentrate on the image and less on who the photographer or the equipment used.

Undvik comments in the style of “Stylish!” and “Bad!”

It does not give the photographer so much so that she / he will develop. Even if you think that the picture is simply just “good” at first glance, watch for a while to. Try to articulate what the picture that caused you to get stuck in the, What are its qualities (and weaknesses). It helps the photographer to understand how others see and interpret the image and also develop your own picture vision.

Some believe they make the photographer a favor by downloading and altering the image, and then show it to the photographer again to illustrate, for example, a post-treatment. Keep in mind that this can be experienced very offensive by some, so always ask first before you edit someone else's photo. You may of course never publish it in any way without permission, it is a copyright violation.